Introduction to Celebrating Heroes

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Celebrating Heroes is an outreach program designed to help your organization honor veterans & active duty military in your community while building brand awareness & generating leads. All at no cost to you.


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Connect with your Community

Celebrating Heroes provides the tools you need to enlist the help of your local government, spread the word into your community, and encourage families to visit your location or website to sponsor a banner to honor their loved one.

These interactions are invaluable opportunities to demonstrate your hospitality and show off your facilities while building brand awareness in your community.

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Honoring Heroes with Banners

The Celebrating Heroes project offers high quality, full-color banners featuring the image, name, and awards of service members, both living and deceased, to honor them publicly. The banner projects are facilitated by your local business or organization and their municipalities. This provides the organization with a positive, exciting touchpoint within their community.

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We Design, Print, Sew & Deliver Banners

Our artists at Celebrating Heroes design, print, sew and deliver the vibrant banners to be installed in your city. The banners are designed to be seen for weeks or months, highlighting your organization’s commitment to telling the important stories of the heroes in your community.

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No Cost to You & Benefits your Community

A portion of the sponsorship dollars that local families pay goes back into the community, through a donation to a local veteran-focused charity. Celebrating Heroes provides all of the tools to get this program off the ground in your community, all at zero cost to you. At Celebrating Heroes, our goal is to help you recognize the heroes in your own community.


Celebrating Heroes in Action

In Eustis, Florida the Celebrating Heroes project decorated their downtown area. The banners were installed on the decorative street lights in the downtown Eustis area from September 1, 2019 to November 12, 2019. There were 59 banners hung throughout town, and at the end of the project, a donation of $4200.00 was made to Lake County Vet Fest. The banners were hung in conjunction with Veterans Day, and the city took them down when it was time to hang their Christmas decorations.


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