How it Works

We’ve Made It Easy

From the moment a funeral home decides to participate in the program, they receive support and guidance to ensure the highest possible community participation.

First, our team will schedule a discovery call to outline the details of the program and answer any additional questions. This is a great time to think about what veteran-supporting nonprofit the funeral home would like to choose as their benefactor. It’s also a good time for them to start the conversation with the municipality which will be hanging and removing the banners.

Upon enrolling, our team sends over all necessary marketing materials and press releases so the funeral home can start spreading the word about this exciting new program. These materials can also be utilized by the municipality which will be displaying the banners.

As community members make the decision to purchase a banner honoring their loved one, they can be directed to the community page on our website. This is where they can upload their own photo, share the pertinent details about their loved one, and even pay for the banner directly.

From there, we get to work. We print all banners and ship directly to the municipality.

This is a great time to schedule a check presentation to the nonprofit which will benefit from the charitable portion of this program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to remind the public that their local funeral home has facilitated this incredible visual gift to the city, and a financial gift to a cherished nonprofit.

Upon completion of the program, all banners will be taken down. Those who purchased banners will be able to pick up their loved one’s banner at the funeral home, which adds another touch point with the community.

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